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Tai chi for health programmes are suitable for most people who want to stay mobile. 

Practicing tai chi regularly can free up stiff joints and gently strengthen muscles.  The emphasis on weight transference helps improve balance and coordination.


People often comment after a class that they have been so focussed on the tai chi practice that they have totally switched off from their normal stresses of the day.

Created by Australian GP Dr Paul Lam and a team of tai chi and medical experts in 1997 this is a modified form of Sun style tai chi, with less deep knee bending, a more upright stance and incorporating qi gong (a breathing exercise that aids relaxation).


The beginners form is learned over six lessons, so regular attendance is recommended. You can continue with more of the form in further classes.


Tai chi can be practiced in both seated and standing positions.

Classes in Truro, St Agnes and Penzance


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